I Appear in I Will Teach You To Be Rich Book Testimonial

I bought Ramit Sethi’s book I Will Teach You To Be Rich early. That gave me access to an insider community that Ramit formed, although I ended up as usual not having as much time to participate as I would have liked.

Prior to the official launch of the book (I bought it on pre-order, and Amazon shipped mine a few weeks early prior to the launch), Ramit asked for pictures of his readers with the book. I managed to sit down within 15 minutes of the deadline, and I decided to do the best I could. I used the camera on my Samsung Epix. The self-portrait mirror wasn’t helping, so I was using the screen reflection of my Epix on my laptop to line up the shot. I took 3 or 4 pictures. None of the pictures of the book under my chin were acceptable, so I held it off to the side and fired off a shot. I then emailed the picture from my Epix to Ramit. I was surprised to see it in the testimonial clip on YouTube.

If you’re looking for advice on personal finance, get this book. Most people are stumbling around in a broke daze, accepting financial advice from other broke people, while nobody seems to want to actually read a book written by somebody who knows how to handle money. This is such a book. You can buy the book from my Amazon affiliate link.


I’m Going to Become a Windows Mobile “Hater”

I’ve decided that I”m going to become a Windows Mobile “Hater”. That will probably seem unreasonable and illogical to many, but so be it.

That does not mean I am going to become a Microsoft “Hater”. I won’t become a mobile device “hater". I won’t become a Windows “Hater”. My “hating” is going to be specifically directed at Windows Mobile. That includes Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team, their “partners”, and the telcos, at least in regards to Windows Mobile.

I am going to become overly critical of the platform to the point where I do NOT recommend it. If you’re considering a Windows Mobile device, please, to preserve your sanity, don’t get one. Get a BlackBerry or an iPhone instead, or just get a plain old dumbphone.

I’ve had several Windows Mobile devices over the years. I’m tired of the same annoyances and performance issues that are common to every device I’ve had. Here is my device history:

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Microsoft Shutting Down Encarta? Did Anybody Actually Use It?

Apparently, Microsoft is shutting down Encarta, it’s long-running encyclopedia. I don’t want to be unkind, but I’ve never actually used Encarta. I think I had a computer once that came with Encarta, or it came with another MS Product I had, but I never used it. I think I tried to use it once, but the setup was painful or it asked for money or something and I decided it wasn’t worth my time.

Will you miss Encarta? Will it matter to anybody? Now if Wikipedia went down… I can remember when I used to be able to get away with using Wikipedia as a reference at the University of Phoenix. About halfway through, it wasn’t allowed anymore.

Will Evangelicalism Collapse? If So, Should We Care?

A lot of the Christian and theological blogs I read have been talking lately about some kind of coming collapse of evangelicalism. Stand To Reason’s blog is the latest I’ve read, but also the most reasonable assessment.

I figure that there are two kinds of people in this world:

1)Those who are easily lumped into convenient, pre-defined categories


2) Those who aren’t.

I guess among all the convenient, pre-defined labels within Christianity, I would probably be lumped in among the evangelicals. That really doesn’t matter to me. At the end of the age, the only identification that matters is me that of Christian, follower of Christ, or follower of The Way, which is what we were originally called all those years ago. I really don’t care what other labels I fall under, but for convenience I probably fall under that of evangelical.

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If Galatians Were Published Today

I like humor. I came across a webpage a while back that I finally got around to reading. It deals with “If Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians was Published in Christianity Today.”

I think the editor’s note at the end is a little pointed, but other than that it’s amusing.


TypePad’s mobile client is working for me now, so I can put up small entries more frequently. I got my oil changed yesterday, and my odometer reading was noteable. I drive with the trip counter displayed so I can track how far I’ve gone on a tank of gas, so I only see the odometer reading after maintenance unless I think to check it. I just though this odometer reading was interesting.Odometer

FaceBook Applications

I’m sitting on the couch with my wife “discussing” FaceBook applications. Honestly, I’ve never gotten the point to these things. It takes more time to accept the requests than it seems worth to me. She just sent me a “coffee”. Actually, it’s a picture of a Starbucks beverage. I said it would have meant more to me if she’d brewed a pot and poured me a cup of the real stuff. She asked what kind of wine I’d like, and I said whatever we have in the house. She asked what kind of desert I’d like, and I said whatever we have in the house again.

At least it’s giving us some time together. I took my Redfly out to write this blog post.

Honestly, I don’t get the point to most of these FaceBook requests. I like FaceBook for the most part. I’ve seen several bloggers shut down their FaceBook and Twitter profiles. I keep mine up so people can find me, and so I can interact with other people. I’ve recently enjoyed trading comments back and forth with a Navy buddy from my first ship. I like leaving comments on other people’s statuses, and I like when people leave comments on mine. All (or most) of my Twitter posts go to FaceBook. I sometimes forget that. But for the life of me, I can’t understand the point to trading coffees, San Antonio Spurs waves (some of my high school friends are on FaceBook), and giving plants and deserts and KFC and Krispy Crème donuts. I don’t get it. It seems to take longer to deal with this stuff than it’s worth.

My wife logged onto my account and she’s going through 40 some requests and “gifts”. That’s a relief for me. Maybe I’ll let her handle it for me.

If none of this makes sense, it’s almost 11 PM EST. I’m almost never up this late.