Don’t Tell Sellers at a Yard Sale That You’re Going to Sell on Ebay

I’ve written several posts about how the words we use and the way we say them can cause seriously negative consequences for us. I’m just as guilty as anybody of this, which is scary because I try to be conscious of it.

My wife and I have had a few yard sales over the years. We’ve also been to a lot. My wife loves yard sale shopping. I’m sure that within the next month, when yard sales start back up, she’ll expect me to get up on Saturday and start driving her around. I’ll do everything in my power to get out of it, including offering to keep both kids at home with me.

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Do Schools Really Not Teach Personal Finance?

I was reading through some posts on I Will Teach You to Be Rich when a thought suddenly occurred to me. Robert Kiyosaki sold quite a few copies of his book by claiming that there are secrets that the rich teach their kids that the poor and middle class do not. Perhaps there is something to that claim, but personally I think it’s just a catchy phrase to sell books. Yes, I’ve read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It was very inspirational.

I’m not going to try to debate Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I think John T. Reed has done a better job with that than I ever could. I just want to look at the claim that public schools don’t teach kids to handle finance, and that poor and middle class parents don’t teach their kids how to handle finance.

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Dr. Jay Adams: Pastors and Problem People

For those who know of him, Dr. Jay Adams is blogging. He’s known for popularizing Biblical Counseling. I believe that he started the modern movement. Now at 80 years old, his ability to travel is more limited and he’s been using a blog as a ministry tool. I find many of his articles interesting. I once started a Biblical Counseling program, but didn’t get very far. The school wasn’t accredited, and by the time I figured out what that meant and why it was a problem, I came to realize that the world would be a happier place if I remained involved in lay ministry and kept my professional expertise in IT or engineering. I dropped out of that program and enrolled at the University of Phoenix for my IT degree.

I still maintain a lot of enthusiasm for Biblical Counseling, and I was happy to see Dr. Adams start blogging last year. I read a few of his books during my studies, and I do own a copy of the Christian Counselor’s Manual.

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