FaceBook Applications

I’m sitting on the couch with my wife “discussing” FaceBook applications. Honestly, I’ve never gotten the point to these things. It takes more time to accept the requests than it seems worth to me. She just sent me a “coffee”. Actually, it’s a picture of a Starbucks beverage. I said it would have meant more to me if she’d brewed a pot and poured me a cup of the real stuff. She asked what kind of wine I’d like, and I said whatever we have in the house. She asked what kind of desert I’d like, and I said whatever we have in the house again.

At least it’s giving us some time together. I took my Redfly out to write this blog post.

Honestly, I don’t get the point to most of these FaceBook requests. I like FaceBook for the most part. I’ve seen several bloggers shut down their FaceBook and Twitter profiles. I keep mine up so people can find me, and so I can interact with other people. I’ve recently enjoyed trading comments back and forth with a Navy buddy from my first ship. I like leaving comments on other people’s statuses, and I like when people leave comments on mine. All (or most) of my Twitter posts go to FaceBook. I sometimes forget that. But for the life of me, I can’t understand the point to trading coffees, San Antonio Spurs waves (some of my high school friends are on FaceBook), and giving plants and deserts and KFC and Krispy Crème donuts. I don’t get it. It seems to take longer to deal with this stuff than it’s worth.

My wife logged onto my account and she’s going through 40 some requests and “gifts”. That’s a relief for me. Maybe I’ll let her handle it for me.

If none of this makes sense, it’s almost 11 PM EST. I’m almost never up this late.

Book Review: I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Michael Franzese

I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse is the latest book I’m reviewing as part of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program. I’ve greatly enjoyed a chance to take part in this program. This is also the first book I’ve read as part of Thomas Nelson’s new Nelson Free program, which gives you multiple formats of the same book. I had the hard copy, .pdf and MobiPocket, and I have the audiobook on my iPod. Amazing, and exciting. I hope this catches on with other publishers. I was able to work through the eBook during some extra time at work, and finish up with the hardcopy this evening.

I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse is written by Michael Franzese, a former mob boss. The book is subtitled “Insider Business Tips from a Former Mob Boss”. Thomas Nelson’s product page for the book is here. I think the product page is a little bit off. It lists a page count of 224. There are 155 numbered pages. I count between 160 and 164, depending on whether the thicker paper pages at the front and back count for page numbers. The book is listed on Amazon for $16.55. It was an amazingly fast read. I’m not the world’s fastest reader, yet this book took me two sittings in one afternoon.

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Microsoft’s New Advertising Campaign

As I was going through my RSS feeds in Google Reader this morning, I found this. It’s interesting. I watched the video as well. Microsoft has a new advertising campaign in which they find people shopping for new laptops, let them set a budget, follow them around with a camera crew and then apparently paying for the laptop. The “Laptop Hunter” sets his or her own budget. The video featured in the first blog entry shows a woman who set her budget at under $1000.

I wonder if I could be part of this campaign. I need a new laptop. My laptop died on me. It’ll still boot up, but there’s no telling how long until it goes down. I think it has a short in one of the USB ports. In any case, I need to figure out what I need to do to be part of this campaign. I’ll go on camera and talk about how I like Windows Vista, which is true, in exchange for a laptop and my 15 seconds of fame.

I left a comment asking what it takes to be part of the project. I wonder where they draw their participants from?