This Is Why I Pay So Little Attention To The News

Here’s an RT hitpiece on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. I believe RT stands for “Russia Today”. Apparently, RT interviewed Bill Ayers, a known former terrorist and close associate of our current President. O’Reilly attempted to “no-spin” the whole thing, which resulted in motion sickness for most of his viewers. Hannity also devoted 4 minutes of one of his programs to this “non-issue”.

I pay little attention to any of the mainstream media outlets. Considering how much time they spend on what amounts to hot air, I always wonder what they’re not telling us. They seem to spend more time on celebrity affairs than they do on issues like the NAFTA Superhighway.

As for Bill Ayers comments, I agreed with one thing. Get your news from places like The Daily Show and The Onion. During my teenage years, I went through a period of time when I got my news almost entirely from Mad Magazine. I was amazingly current with the issues. To this day, I still prefer to get my news from satire, which at least amuses me while I’m getting current.

Home Alone Parody

I know it's the day after Christmas, but the gift of humor is good all year. I came across this on Cracked. I thought it was funny. I was never a fan of Home Alone. OK, maybe I was the first time, but by the 10th, I didn't like it any more. Enjoy Home Alone 2009: Kevin's Revenge. 

Home Alone 2009: Kevin's Revenge — powered by

Thou Shalt Not Steal: Cheesy Christian Merchandise

I don't buy any of this stuff myself. I don't have a use for it. I don't watch American Idol, and I don't have any interest in wearing a shirt bearing a Christianized message based on the logo for it. I do use an iPhone, but I'm not wearing an "iPray" hat. I don't wear hats anyway.

I came across a story in USA Today about how a $4.6 Billion industry has popped up around ripping off trademarked brands and turning them into Christianized logos. 

Some interesting quotes from the article (used under fair use guidelines):

Trademark attorney Michael G. Atkins of Seattle
said legal parodies of commercial trademarks are protected under the
First Amendment, but such religious products generally don't fall into
that category.

"You could take Microsoft
and change their logo around to make fun of Microsoft, and that would
be legal," he said. "But I can't use the Microsoft logo to promote my
Christian theme because there's no real connection there. That's


Abare, the church marketing consultant, just
wishes Christians would pay more attention to the commandment "Thou
shall not steal."

"The whole claim for Christians in general is
that God is the source of all creativity," he said. "I think there's
something to being original that will speak to people in a way that we
don't have to copy."

Seriously, what exactly does it do for a witness to show Christianity to the world by wearing merchandise based on ripped-off brands? NOTE: the article states those "iPray" hats are properly licensed.

The Ultimate Windows 7 Review

I came across this on Facebook. A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay. It's hilarious. Note: the language is a little raw, but the humor is worth it. I needed a good laugh like this after I got home from work today.

Nook to Get Update This Week?

Engadget has a report that the Barnes & Noble nook is likely to get a software update this week. For those of you following my eBook reader series, this goes with what I've been saying. Most of the problems up to this point reported with nook are software related, and should be easily fixed with a software update.

As far as I know, Amazon hasn't released a software update for their Kindle. 

Steve Ballmer (Apparently) Fires Microsoft Employee For Not Being Excited Enough About Bing

I'm testing Typepad's new microblogging feature. OK, it's not that new, but I've never tried it.

Steve Ballmer at Microsoft apparently fired an employee for not being excited enough about Bing, Microsoft's latest attempt at a search engine that can't find anything.

I have no enthusiasm for Bing. I think I tried it once, and it didn't return any useful results, so I went back to Google.

Have You Ever Bought Any Info Products? Were They Useful?

My interests change from time to time. Lately I've been reading a lot about writing. I want to learn how to write great content for my blog so people will want to read it. I also want to write other products. I've always wanted to write a book, and the thought of how easy it would be to write and publish an eBook really makes me wish I could think of a topic to write about that people would want to read.

I've come across a lot of landing pages for info products that sound really interesting. Many of them promise to teach me better writing skills, or ways to use my writing to earn money. I like that concept a lot.

The problem is, I'm kind of shy about dropping $35 or more on an info product. I want to know if they're any good. Obviously, any landing page worth its salt is fully of testimonials from real people about how great the product was for them.

But still, I hesitate.

So can you do me a favor? Have you bought any info products online? Can you leave me a comment, either here on my blog, or on Facebook about which one you bought and whether it was useful to you or not?

I'm thinking specifically of products that you might find from Bob Bly, or Men With Pens, or even Dan Miller. I know there are tons of others. I have John T. Reed's "How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Own How To Book". If you've bought one of these info products, or know of another one, can you let me know?

Tell me which product, and if you found it useful or not. I don't mean entertaining, but useful. Did it give you realistic how-to information?