The Chronological Study Bible- Review

After starting a trial program with The Faith of Barack Obama and Through the Storm, Thomas Nelson has decided to formalize a program of allowing bloggers to receive free copies of books in exchange for a minimum 200 word review. TN does not require positive or negative; only that the book be read through and reviewed. Don't believe me? Here's a negative review of one of their books, with a comment by Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson.

When Thomas Nelson rolled out their Book Review Bloggers site, there were 8 books up for review, two of which I had already reviewed. I decided to take on the Chronological Study Bible for review. I figured if I like it, it would be an asset to me. If I didn't like it, it would prove to me that I don't like chronological Bibles. I once downloaded a piece of software called "The Bible Planner." I don't know if it's still available. I never used the calendar, tasks, or other organizer utilities, but it came with a daily Bible reading plan. The Bible was arranged roughly in order. I read it for 3 months, but didn't like it. It was in the King James, which I was using heavily at the time. For some reason, I just stopping liking the trusty old KJV for daily reading (though it's still superior for quoting and memorizing) and settled on the New King James, which is the translation used for Thomas Nelson's Chronological Study Bible.

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I Got To Touch The BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBimageerry Storm came out on Verizon last week, and I finally got to touch one. It didn’t really do anything for me though. It is a wonderful concept, but I doubt it will be dubbed an “iPhone Killer” anytime soon. One of my coworkers got one. He thinks a software patch will be coming out soon. He hasn’t had a chance to really play with it yet. I think the distinguishing feature is that the screen is a keyboard, that is, you have to push the screen to get the Storm to recognize your keypresses. I’m not sure that impresses me. If anything, it seems to require more force than necessary. I don’t have a problem with the lack of feedback on my iPod Touch.

The New York Times’ David Pouge apparently has problems with the Storm. However, to put things in perspective, he’s a tech journalist, and by nature he gets his hands on a large amount of tech. I always do find the journalists to be helpful (as long as they don’t use gimmicky words like “iPhone Killer”) but remember to keep in perspective that their needs and budget will likely differ from yours. I haven’t read David Pouge’s review yet. I came across a link to it as I was compiling this post.

TypePad Connect Is Here

I noticed recently that TypePad Connect had opened up. I had been looking for a better way to handle my comments, though I don’t get many up to this point. My level of membership on TypePad doesn’t give me the ability to do a lot of template customization, or if it does I don’t have the time right now to hack away at it. TypePad Connect allows the capability to reply to comments, to have profiles of my readers if they choose, and it also allows me to get rid of that darn CAPTCHA, which I hate on other blogs and feel mildly hypocritical for having on my own. TypePad Connect has a comment spam filter. I’ve noticed that since I started using TypePad Connect, I am getting spam comments, but they’ve all been properly filtered. I don’t know why, but my Comments on the movie Fireproof seems to be attracting all of the spam.

Some Thanksgiving Career Counseling

I got this from Michael Hyatt’s Twitter feed. I thought it was hilarious.

Tim Challies Reviews Twilight

My wife’s youngest sister got hooked on the Twilight series, and in turn so did my wife. I have no intention of reading the series myself, even if I didn’t have a sizeable stack of books and magazines to get through myself. Thankfully, Tim Challies “took one for the team” and read the first book and posted a review. You can read Tim’s review here. All I know is that after reading Tim’s review, I could never get through the book myself. I need to read some MacArthur or something to get that teen romance stuff out of my head.

Why Didn’t I Just Get An iPhone?

I do like my Samsung Epix, but I am starting to wish I’d just gotten an iPhone instead.I ended up hard resetting my Epix a couple days ago, after barely 3 weeks of operation. Then I started the process of syncing with my laptop at work. The next day, for whatever reason, my organization decided to ban the use of all removable media and demand we scan our computers, and leave them connected and turned on. Even if we take them home with us, we were told to leave them for the rest of the week unless a mission critical reason exists. I’m not sure what the big deal is, but apparently it’s organization wide (this is a very, very large organization). OK, I’d gotten tired of all the hassles with synchronizing a Windows Mobile device with 2 computers, but even though I had a good sync at work, I had to delete that relationship and sync at home. Of course, in the process, a whole buttload of appointments duplicated, but to top it all off, a bunch of my tasks deleted themselves.

I’m going to work on decentralizing my workflow away from Windows Mobile and Microsoft Outlook so that the next time I get a phone, I don’t have to talk myself into a Windows Mobile device again. I’ve used every version of Windows Mobile from 2002 to 6.1, and the amount of progress on this platform is not impressive at all. Yeah, I know, the iPhone got a non-recessed headset jack, 3G, and GPS along with a Stalinistic app store, but at least you don’t have to hard reset the darn thing every 3 weeks.

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Follow-up on Lowe’s

I thought it would be fair to post a follow-up to my last post about Lowe’s credit somehow sending my 12 months no-payment no-interest purchase to collections. It wasn’t the local store’s fault. My wife and I went into the local store to check with customer service. The representative pulled up my account, and sure enough, the promotion was on it. Then she called the credit department. Credit had to run “maintenance” on my account to remove the late fee, add the promotion, and of course take my account out of collections.

As soon as I heard collections, I almost went into a panic. I listen to Dave Ramsey’s podcast. I’ve heard some of the things collections can do to people in an attempt to get payment. This is all the more reason to get rid of debt completely.

I don’t hold Lowe’s Sicklerville, NJ store at blame for this incident. Considering that the credit department is “GE Money”, it looks like once again, Lowe’s subcontracted out another function to remove accountability for it’s own behavior.