I’ve Fallen, But I Got Back Up

This morning, my wife did something out of the ordinary. She suggested going to Old Country Buffet for breakfast. I enjoy a good breakfast, and it was a suggestion I really appreciated. I knew that she really wanted to go to Target, and offering me breakfast was one way to get me out the door early and into the part of town where the Target she wanted was located.

My son, Joshua, is 6 months old. We got out of my car at OCB (my church’s youth minister referred to it as that in a sermon, and the name stuck) and proceeded to get everything ready. We brought the stroller, since he’s outgrown the car seats that you can carry. My wife rolled the stroller in, and I wrapped him in a blanket and began to carry him. Just as I stepped onto the sidewalk, I hit a patch of ice that I couldn’t see with a blanket wrapped baby obscuring my vision. I went down. As I neared the ground, I involuntarily dropped him. I skinned my knee and my palm, and he landed flat on his back on the cement. He began crying immediately. My wife by this time had entered the building, so I picked him up and ran in. Being an upset mother, she took him and started yelling at me for hitting the ice. After I handed him off, it was time to rub my knee and “lick my wounds”. That hurt. I’m only 30, but a lot has changed since the last time I fell. I’m getting old.

When I paid, I let the counter person know that she needs to tell the manager that they need to deal with the ice. There are plenty of people who would use an event like this to get a free ride. I don’t happen to be one of them, but the thought is, sadly, tempting.

I think Joshua was more shaken up than anything. While we were eating, my wife mentioned that he wasn’t being himself. I commented that I wasn’t being myself either. In fact, I think the endorphines were killing my appitite.

The breakfast was good. If you own a business, make sure you keep the sidewalks clear of ice. There is a Home Depot in the same shopping center as that OCB, so there really wasn’t an excuse for that.

Ever seen one of those “The Way Things Were” emails, about how when you got hurt it was an accident, and how we used to be able to ride in the back of pick ups? Well, I guess you could say that by accepting that as an accident from which we lived, that we got to relive the good old days.

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The Globe and Mail: Archeologist unearths biblical controversy

The Globe and Mail: Archeologist unearths biblical controversy

This is interesting. I have a personal interest in the Bible, and I believe that it can be taken seriously. Discoveries like this aid in that view.

Through the studying I have done, I have personally come to the conclusion that if ANY part of the Bible can be found to be false, the whole thing will fall apart. Some scholars consider it to be a collection of allegories and good advice. I do not support their conclusion. The position of these scientists does not seem to be revealed in this article, however the following quote is revealing:

He concludes: “We’re not out to prove the Bible right or wrong. We’re not trying to be controversial. We’re just trying to be good anthropologists and scientists, and tell the story of our archeological site.”

Amen. I am convinced that, when looked at with an open mind, the evidence for the Bible’s account is overwhelming. You may not share that view, and that is fine. We are all responsible for our own conclusion. We will all give an account before God one day.


Comments on the Recent Snowstorm

I always enjoy some snow. I figure if it’s going to snow, we might as well get enough to stay in for a day or so. I really don’t mind being snowed in.

On Saturday, 22 Jan 2005, the Philadelphia area got approxamitely 10 inches of snow. At our house in south Jersey, we officially measured 11 inches. I was happy with it, except for the shoveling part, but that’s a small price to pay for the wonders of a nice snowstorm.

I enjoyed a really good benefit. Last night the Philly Eagles won their championship game, launching them to the Stuperbowl. Yippee, right? Not for me. I really don’t care. I used to be apathetic to sports, but these phsychotic Philly fans have made me darn near anti-sports. We’re talking about a city where the Eagles are usually the #3 story on the news after traffic and weather at 0500. This is a city where the 1800 and 2200 (6 and 10, respectively) newscasts have about 25 out of 30 minutes devoted to the Eagles. Most of the coverage features drunks who apparently can’t spell anything besides E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! Around here, when me wife asks to watch the news, I tell her I really don’t care to see “Sports and Murders”, which is about all it’s worth. It really doesn’t matter which channel.

The snowstorm was a very nice break from all of that. The “news” ran all afternoon, and hardly said a thing about the Eagles, with a couple of exceptions. Channel 10, the NBC affiliate, of course had a reporter pretty much cemented in the snow at “Lincoln Financial Field” reporting on the 1000 plus workers who were staying overnight to get the stadium ready for the game. What Philly needs is 1000 plus workers staying overnight to clear up the city’s accounting, but heh, gotta have priorities, no?

I found it amusing how they kept reporting on all the cars on the road. People were out and about in inclimate weather, getting stuck and holding up traffic, including snowplows and emergency vehicles. Why? Well, most of the people interviewed on camera said “I have to get stuff for the Eagles game”. One person said that he had to go to work.

Well, for the record, we knew were were getting a storm, and we bought everything ahead of time and planned to be snowed in. Though a snow emergency was declared for New Jersey, I figured that if I felt an overwhelming urge to get in my car and drive (and I do have four wheel drive), I would suit up in all Eagles clothing. Then if a cop stopped me and asked what I was doing out, I would simply shout “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” That would most likely force the cop to let me go, since driving because of Eagles related activity seems to be an acceptable excuse around these here parts.


If You’d Like to get Really Angry-

Read this:


…but I really didn’t expect any better out of it.

(Edit Jan 31, 2007- the link does not appear to exist any longer).