TSA and the Butter Knives

John Maxwell posted an entry on his blog yesterday recounting an incident in which he was given a gun as a present, forgot it was in his carry on, and it was noticed by TSA. I’ve been meaning to write a story of my own for a while.

On March 3, I celebrated one year in my current job. When I started the job last year, our finances were fairly tight. Though I did get an increase in salary from my previous job, the benefits cost more, I have to pay Philly’s city wage tax, and a $4 a day toll to cross the Walt Whitman bridge. In effect, at first the job was a net loss but the opportunities were better so I endured mine and my wife’s economic fears for a few months until things stabilized. This job requires a decent amount of travel. Honestly, to this point I could do more. It seems like I’ll have two weeks of travel back-to-back, then I won’t travel for 2 months. I actually enjoy the job more when I’m traveling. I find myself bored sitting in my cubicle in Philly.

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