The Continental Congress of 1776 With Twitter

Matt Silverman at Mashable came up with an amusing comic exploring what it would have been like if the founding fathers were using social media.

I thought it was funny.

How Twilight Works

Originally a comic by The Oatmeal, this has been turned into a YouTube video. Watch to see how Twilight works, and why the women in our lives go nuts over this cheesy fiction, featuring an immortal who has chosen to spend his immortality as a junior in high school, a fate worse than death.


Failblog: Date Win

I wonder if the people who put together this episode of The Simpsons expected to still be on the air when this happened.

Finally, Social Media Expert Defined

From Jason Dunn. I’d say this video sums it up nicely.

I need to find out what program is being used to create these things. 

Hitler on Copyright

Remember the hilarious parody video about Hitler getting upset over the iPod Touch not getting a camera?

Well, somebody retooled the clip to make it into a parody on copyrights. Apparently, Hitler posted some parody videos to YouTube, which were taken down illegally by large corporations. Same clip, different subtitles. I still don’t know where this scene is actually from.

There is language, at least in the English subtitles. I didn’t hear any of the German cuss words I know in the video.

Remembering the $1000 iPhone App “I Am Rich”

This is a classic. One of the first apps released for the iPhone’s OS 2, and one of the most expensive I’m aware of. I Am Rich originally sold for $999. It was bought by 8 people, two of which appealed. 6 people apparently were happy with their purchase. I Am Rich did little. It showed a picture of a red gem, and had a mantra which read:

I am rich
I deserv [sic] it
I am good,
healthy &

Deserve was misspelled. But I guess if you’re rich, you don’t have to spell “deserve” right.

I had a freeware version of the app for Windows Mobile.

Would Liking This Be Morbid?

I noticed this on the right side of my Facebook page, where advertisements and friend suggestions are:


Just because I have a tendency to be a jerk, I was tempted to click “Like”.