I Got To Touch The BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBimageerry Storm came out on Verizon last week, and I finally got to touch one. It didn’t really do anything for me though. It is a wonderful concept, but I doubt it will be dubbed an “iPhone Killer” anytime soon. One of my coworkers got one. He thinks a software patch will be coming out soon. He hasn’t had a chance to really play with it yet. I think the distinguishing feature is that the screen is a keyboard, that is, you have to push the screen to get the Storm to recognize your keypresses. I’m not sure that impresses me. If anything, it seems to require more force than necessary. I don’t have a problem with the lack of feedback on my iPod Touch.

The New York Times’ David Pouge apparently has problems with the Storm. However, to put things in perspective, he’s a tech journalist, and by nature he gets his hands on a large amount of tech. I always do find the journalists to be helpful (as long as they don’t use gimmicky words like “iPhone Killer”) but remember to keep in perspective that their needs and budget will likely differ from yours. I haven’t read David Pouge’s review yet. I came across a link to it as I was compiling this post.


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