Follow-up on Lowe’s

I thought it would be fair to post a follow-up to my last post about Lowe’s credit somehow sending my 12 months no-payment no-interest purchase to collections. It wasn’t the local store’s fault. My wife and I went into the local store to check with customer service. The representative pulled up my account, and sure enough, the promotion was on it. Then she called the credit department. Credit had to run “maintenance” on my account to remove the late fee, add the promotion, and of course take my account out of collections.

As soon as I heard collections, I almost went into a panic. I listen to Dave Ramsey’s podcast. I’ve heard some of the things collections can do to people in an attempt to get payment. This is all the more reason to get rid of debt completely.

I don’t hold Lowe’s Sicklerville, NJ store at blame for this incident. Considering that the credit department is “GE Money”, it looks like once again, Lowe’s subcontracted out another function to remove accountability for it’s own behavior.


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