I’m About Through with Lowe’s

I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from a strange number. The number is (330)433-5996. For about the past two weeks, at least once per day, my cell phone has rung with that number showing up on caller ID. I answer, and get a click. I finally got annoyed and just started hitting “Ignore”. No message has been left. I did a search on Google for that number, and found that it is somehow connected to “GE Money” and Lowe’s. My wife and I recently bought a refrigerator and dishwasher at Lowe’s (I blogged about that traumatic experience here), but we bought on a “12 months, no payments, no interest” coupon, so I figured it was a pointless marketing call that I could safely ignore. I wish there were an easy way to block an individual number from my phone.

Today, as part of the routine, I got a call from that number. I hit “Ignore”, which has become part of my workflow in regards to that number. Imagine my surprise when I saw that a message had been left! I checked the message, which referred me to a 1-800 number. I called the number, and sure enough, I was routed into phone menu hell, although a computer helpfully read my account information to me. I was able to speak to an operator, when I found out what the problem was. Not only did Lowe’s do a terrible job coordinating delivery and installation with me, but they didn’t put the charge on the 12 months, no payment, no interest coupon! My account is past due, and interest is accruing. Obviously, the operator wanted me to make a payment right then. Normally, my wife handles all of the bills. I just get to make the calls when something goes wrong, whether I know anything about what is happening or not.

The outcome of the phone call is that I need to go to the store and find out why the heck they didn’t put this on our card under no payments, no interest for 12 months. If they won’t fix it, I’m just going to pay it off and I will not be shopping at Lowe’s again.

During the call, the operator went to verify my information. He had my cell number as my home number, he had a work number from several years ago. I said that my cell would be fine. He then, as part of the script, had to ask if it was OK for Lowe’s to call my cell phone with automated messages if my account goes into collections. I said “No, it is not acceptable. You may have a live person call me, but you may not have an automated call dial my number.” Seriously, they’ve been calling every day for at least two weeks. Had a live person been on the other end rather than a computer which hung up on me, I would have known about this two weeks ago and I could have fixed it.

I have an IT degree, and I LOVE technology. I can’t get enough of gadgets. There are many instances when I would much rather email or text somebody than make a phone call. I even prefer to text my wife back and forth rather than speak on the phone while I’m at work. However, there are times when a phone call is most appropriate. I would think that customer service would be one of those times.

I’ve been begging my wife to read Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover”. I’m going to step up that request. I want us to get on the same page so that we can set up a budget and pay off our debts and not have to deal with these idiotic credit services ever again.


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