The Globe and Mail: Archeologist unearths biblical controversy

The Globe and Mail: Archeologist unearths biblical controversy

This is interesting. I have a personal interest in the Bible, and I believe that it can be taken seriously. Discoveries like this aid in that view.

Through the studying I have done, I have personally come to the conclusion that if ANY part of the Bible can be found to be false, the whole thing will fall apart. Some scholars consider it to be a collection of allegories and good advice. I do not support their conclusion. The position of these scientists does not seem to be revealed in this article, however the following quote is revealing:

He concludes: “We’re not out to prove the Bible right or wrong. We’re not trying to be controversial. We’re just trying to be good anthropologists and scientists, and tell the story of our archeological site.”

Amen. I am convinced that, when looked at with an open mind, the evidence for the Bible’s account is overwhelming. You may not share that view, and that is fine. We are all responsible for our own conclusion. We will all give an account before God one day.