Should FM Radios Be Required In Cell Phones? (Hint: No)

It’s amazing when I come across a “survey” that shows people having come to a conclusion that I did years ago.

Apparently, most people don’t care about having an FM tuner in their cell phones. Duh. I don’t even care about having in on my home or car. Really. With the beauty of MP3s and Internet radio like Pandora, why would I want to take a step backwards into the realm of inane DJ chatter and commercials? I do not miss spending 80% of my commute listening to pointless chatter and commercials for things that don’t apply to me, like feminine products.

AM talk radio is far worse. I can remember my brief foray into listening to AM talk radio. They’d play the same commercial for “Sea Silver” 3 times in a row while I was driving home.

Don’t get me started on NPR. They can take a story that should be about a headline long and stretch it into an hour. That’s almost as bad as Dragon Ball Z, which needs 7 seasons to move the story ahead 5 minutes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself blessed.

I do not miss listening to the radio. For me the radio is like Fox News: good in an emergency when I need information quick, bad for the other moments in life.

By the way, speaking of radio, I am a licensed Ham operator. My call sign is KC2KYF. Although it’s been years since I’ve bothered with Ham radio.


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