Let Me Know About Broken Links on This Blog

Since I imported all of my blog posts, I’ve been going back in time and trying to update all of my links. Some of my linked videos didn’t import, and of course most of my links are to posts on other blogs.

My TypePad blog is likely to go down soon, and many of my old posts still like to that blog.

But I see little evidence that anybody reads my old posts, so investing the time necessary to update 600 blog posts (the most recent 200 have been done) seems like a waste. Maybe some day I’ll get around to doing it, but for now, I’m stopping.

If you find yourself in my archives and find a broken link, please report it to me. I’ll either fix it or send you the link to the proper post.

Also, if you enjoy a post, please let me know in the comments. I’ve made it as easy as possible to comment, even though that leaves me open to spam and flames. At times, I’ve considered shutting down my blogs due to lack of interest. I keep hoping I’ll develop my writing skills though, and some day find that one topic where my unique perspective draws an audience.

From this point on, I’ll ignore my blogging past and move into the future.


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