Scoble: Why I Can’t Kick the iPhone Out of My Life

Robert Scoble, a total gadget geek, who hangs around with other gadget geeks, can’t get rid of his iPhone. In this post, he explains why. Scoble is a tech journalist among many other things, and has access to tons of other phones. He can either afford to have several phones on several different networks, or he gets review units paid for by other people. Many of the people Scoble runs with are in the same situation.

At one point, I used to listen to several tech podcasts and read several tech blogs. I found the people behind these are often more opinionated than political journalists and bloggers. I eventually drifted away from most of them due to time and bias issues. I got tired of the “Mac can do no wrong, Microsoft can do no right” attitude. And I didn’t want to spend the time to keep up anymore.

So Scoble runs with people who can afford (or are provided) four or more different phones at the same time. Most of these people had an iPhone the FIRST day it was out, and used it until everybody else caught up, then moved on to other phones. Now they’re using Android or whatever else is trendy.

I have an iPhone 3G. I’m content with it. It’s not a 3GS or a 4G, it’s a 3G. On iOS4, it’s slow and crashes a lot. But I still like it. I look forward to the day when I get an iPhone 4G. The iPhone isn’t as trendy as it once was, but I like it.

In the circles I run in, I notice an interesting trend. In Real Estate, at least here in south Jersey, I notice two prominent phones: the iPhone, and the BlackBerry curve. For some reason, most Realtors in this area seem to gravitate to those two models. I see other phones, but those two are the ones I see most people using.

As for me, I can’t say if I could kick the iPhone out of my life or not. I wouldn’t want to. I’m content with it.