Juggling A Lot of (Figurative) Balls? Read This

John Maxwell had a timely post about the balls we keep in the air. It was actually a quote from a commencement address by Bryon Dyson, CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises.


Bryon Dyson compares the roles we fill to glass and rubber balls. Guess what happens to each if it gets dropped? Obviously, rubber bounces. Glass breaks.

He then goes on to say that these 4 balls are glass: family, health, friends, and spirit. Drop these balls and they shatter. They’ll be irreparably damaged.

Work is a rubber ball. Drop it and it will bounce back up. That’s very timely for me right now. My work ball is somewhere between my hand and the ground in this metaphor. But this is right; my work ball isn’t irreparably damaged. It’ll bounce. It will be back in the air again before too long.

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