It Finally Happened

Earlier today I wrote a post about anxiety. I was really feeling it. I didn't want to give too many details at the time. But now, it's all moot. 

I was let go from work today. They'll pay me through Monday, but I'm out of there. It's not a bad deal. It saves me about 60 miles of driving and $8 in bridge tolls over the next two workdays.

Amazingly enough, when I got called into my manager's office, most of the anxiety went away. I guess a lot of it had to do with knowing that I would be let go soon, but not when. Once I knew when, it cleared things up. I think my job search was being hampered by the possibility that I might be kept on. Knowing that I'm out the door somehow eased it.

I have no idea how I'm going to keep food on the table, or keep the bills paid.

On the bright side, I can blog as much as I want now.

I guess I can look at it two ways. I'm either

  • unemployed


  • self-employed

I have a couple of ideas. Maybe I should go for them and see what happens.


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