Reasons Why Micromanagement is Destructive

Last month, I wrote about “The Return of Micro-MAN-ager“. It was about a comic type character that I created in the Navy and thought of again recently at work. I’m in a situation of being micromanaged. I’ve been wanting to write a post about why micromanagement is destructive. Apparently, it’s been suffering the same fate as a post I started on why I don’t worry about procrastinating anymore.

I came across a blog post by Ron Edmonson today about why people micromanage. It’s pretty much what I would say: fear, insecurity, wrong team, bad vision, and control freak. I think all apply in my situation.

There are situations where micromanagement can be appropriate. I imagine those situations are related to managing teenagers and prisoners. It’s not appropriate outside of some limited situations. I don’t believe it’s appropriate with professionals.

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