iPad: 9 Ways It’ll Change Time Management

I came across an interesting post today: 9 Ways the iPad Will Change Time Management. I think it makes some good points. The iPad's larger screen and better calender application will make a huge difference over the iPhone in personal productivity. Also, the ability to carry documents will help quite a bit. Adding an external keyboard will probably make the iPad a serious productivity machine.

If my income were more disposable at the moment, I might consider getting an iPad. But, we're running in "fiscal discipline mode" right now. That means the only way an iPad is in my future is if somebody buys it for me. I'm content with my iPhone 3G though.

Are you getting an iPad?


2 Responses

  1. I completely agree that the iPad will change time management. In fact, I got an iPad yesterday to test out Priority Matrix (appfluence.com), which lets you manage your Covey Time Management Matrix on the iPad. I used to keep track of it loosely on paper once in a while, but it helps to keep it persisted and managed electronically.

  2. Cool. How is it working out?
    I’ve been using a hybrid Covey/GTD system for several years.

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