It’s Time for Competition in iPhone Service

AT&T is complaining about iPhone data usage, and wants iPhone users to cut back on what they sold us as "unlimited" data. Fake Steve Jobs called for "Operation Chokehold", during which all US iPhone users who are on AT&T turn on a data intensive app and run it for 1 hour.

I've pretty much always been on AT&T. I bought my first cell phone in 2000, when I was on Cellular One. Cell One was bought by Cingular early in 2001. Christina and I left Cingular in 2003 for AT&T Wireless, only to be bought by Cingular 3 months later. In 2005, we switched to a Cingular contract to find Cingular bought by "The New AT&T" a few months later.

I've had some bad phones. I had 3 bad Windows Mobile phones in a row. The iPhone is by far the best phone I've ever had. Just about any problem I've had with the iPhone is related to AT&T's horrible network. If AT&T has such a problem with iPhone users, then let us unlock and let us out of our contracts if we so choose.

AT&T is like any large, megalithic oligopoly. It wants to make lots of money but provide at little service as it can get away with. They want us to pay large fees for "iPhone plans", but don't want us to use any data. Of course, as customers, we want to pay as little as possible and get as much service as we can. Surely there's got to be a middle ground.

Are you going to participate in Operation Chokehold? According to Fake Steve, it's 12 PM Pacific time, which makes it 3 PM Eastern. I'll be driving home from work. Maybe I could listen to Pandora on my drive.


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