Do AT&T’s Work For Them With Your iPhone: Mark The Spot (free app)

AT&T released an application for the iPhone called “Mark the Spot“. Apparently, if you drop a call or can’t connect to the data network, you can bring up this application and “mark the spot” so AT&T knows where it’s weaknesses are.

While I appreciate the openness and the apparent attempt to address network issues, I can’t say this does much to address AT&T’s image. I have a Verizon BlackBerry issued from work, and I can’t say it’s performance is much more impressive than my AT&T iPhone. But, Verizon spent all those years and all that money on it’s “Can you hear me now?” campaign, and built an image as a telco that walked it’s territory to identify weak areas. I know, the guy is an actor. His cell phone was a prop; probably a display model. Still, it gave people the perception that Verizon checked it’s network.

Mark the Spot gives me the perception that AT&T is finally willing to entertain the notion that it’s customers are actually having problems with it’s network. Rather than using engineers, they’re just going to make the customers do the work.

AT&T, when you drop my calls or my 3G network, the last thing I feel like doing is bringing up another app and doing your job for you. But nice try.


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