Lifehacker: Borders Is Going To Offer Free Wi-fi

It was bound to happen. Once I reached the point where free wi-fi ceased having any meaning at all to me, it starts popping up everywhere. Whereas once you had to pay a subscription at Borders or Barnes and Noble, now they're offering it free. Lifehacker posted that Borders will be offering free wi-fi soon.

I once despaired that I'd either have to pay for wi-fi on the road, live without an Internet connection, or hunt around for a free hotspot. Now they're everywhere, and it honestly doesn't matter to me.

I honestly don't use enough data on my iPhone to have to worry about wi-fi. As long as I have a 3G connection, I'm usually good for what I need to do. If I have to, I can tether my BlackBerry.

I used to yearn for free wi-fi. Now I honestly no longer care. I guess I'm happy for everybody else though. I'm sure I'll find a use for it eventually.


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