Like the Look of Windows 7 But Don’t Want to Pay for it?

Windows 7 is due to come out next month. Are you going to upgrade to it right away? Honestly, I’m not sure if I will or not. I don’t have anything against it. I used Windows 7 on my netbook for a while, and I was impressed with it, but a few unforgiveable bugs in the release candidate led me to wipe that partition and go back to using XP.

Every time a new version of Windows comes out, paid journalists with no shortage of review copies start writing articles about why “you” don’t need to upgrade. Now in the age of blogs, people come up with guides to help you make the old version of Windows look like the new one. This time is no different.

Here’s a link to CNET’s with a guide to make Windows Vista (and probably XP) look like Windows 7. If you don’t want to upgrade, try this out.

As for me, I’m still not sure if I’m going to upgrade right away or not. We’ll see. I’m at the point where I’d rather have a Mac anyway, rather than yet another Windows PC.

I’m sure my wife would still be running Windows 98 if she could get away with it. She was furious at me in 2002 when I thought I was being helpful and upgraded her computer to XP for her. She was not happy with me at all.


2 Responses

  1. It’s my feeling that not only is modifying your UI not worth it for the added resource usage, I feel that Vista is the functional equivalent to Windows ME. It was a folly and poorly executed. The fact that I’ve seen Vista CHOKE powerhouse PC’s to death and Windows 7 run beautifully on netbook hardware tells me that there’s been some improvement to MS’s code. If anything, Microsoft started to wise up to the fact that Apple is gaining ground in the personal computer market. It’s a slow gain, but a gain nonetheless. I think this put a fire under MS’s collective butt to produce an operating system that is hard to find a lot of fault with and that has some interesting new features. Granted, some of the features of 7 were available 5 years ago in OS X. Nonetheless, I’m glad to see the boys in Richmond actually taking some initiative and putting out a quality OS. It appears to me that MS feels some of their comfort and “fat cat” status slipping away and now having to innovate. Windows 7 has definitely breathed some new life into my PCs. This is probably the first time in recent history I can honestly recommend to someone that they move away from XP and upgrade to the latest Microsoft OS offering. I’m no early-adopter, but I’m starting to grow tired of people latching onto XP and never letting go. It’s a dated OS now. According to Wikipedia, it’s going to be 8 years old this October. While I see its continued use in embedded systems (like other windows versions before it) I feel that it’s time for its home and office use to come to an end. If we never felt the need to upgrade because what we had already worked, we’d be listening to the radio and driving around in Model T Fords without a cell phone to talk on. Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad…..

  2. I agree. I liked Vista, but most of that was probably because it looked graphically better than XP and had some new features that I preferred. XP is a good operating system, but I’m happy to see Windows 7 come out. I recently upgraded my Acer netbook to Windows 7, but I didn’t want to reinstall all of my programs so I upgraded through Vista. The whole time Vista was on it was a nightmare. Once I got SP1 installed so 7 would upgrade on it, things were fine.
    I intend to get a MacBook Pro eventually. I can definitely see why Apple is gaining market share. I often wonder if Microsoft is too complacent in the business market. They know that large businesses and government agencies will order Windows and Office (and SQL, and Dynamics, etc) licenses by the truckload. They’re not too worried about a hack like me threatening to buy a Mac. They sell Office for Mac anyway, and most people with Macs still run Windows on them.

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