A Question About The Plane that Hit the Pentagon

I probably should keep this to myself, because I want to avoid controversial topics on my blog, at least for now. I honestly don’t have a problem with what people call “Conspiracy Theories”. Some are pretty far out there, but others are very well supported by facts and evidence. At this point, I’m not going to go into which I believe falls into which category.

There is one conspiracy theory that I can’t quite get my head around, yet it fits into another that I think has some interesting claims. When Flight 77 hit the Pentagon on Sep 11, 2001, some conspiracy theories arose claiming that a plane didn’t hit the Pentagon at all, but a missile. (Note: the link I included was the first return on Google, it’s not a site I frequent.)

The thing is, let’s assume that the supporting theories are true. Our government staged the whole thing to take away our liberties and enslave us all. Just for this paragraph, just assume that’s true, then you can go back to whatever you think about it. If that is true, and it’s also true that a missile rather than a plane hit the Pentagon, then I have one question: Where’s the plane? Seriously, if anything but Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, then we have a plane with passengers and crew that is totally unaccounted for. None of the ideas I’ve heard surrounding this claim make any attempt to account for the plane, passengers, and crew.

Actually, I think that’s an even better conspiracy theory: a plane totally disappears from space-time, and a missile hits the Pentagon in it’s place. That’s actually more horrifying.  I have a book by an author who was on that plane. If the people on that plane didn’t perish in a crash into a building, then where the hell are they? I’d love to see a proponent of the missile theory actually attempt to explain that one.

Please note that this post is an attempt to discuss a relatively narrow topic. Please don’t try to blow it out of proportion or project it onto any other subjects.


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