iPhone 3.0 Bug Report #1

I still really like my iPhone and I'm never going back to Windows Mobile (well, maybe not never, but only under a long chain of favorable events that probably won't happen). I upgraded to the 3.0 software last night. Obviously, whenever software changes, sometimes bugs surface, or features change.

One thing I use my iPhone for the heaviest is to listen to podcasts. Some of those podcasts have sponsors or commercials. I've taken to, in the interest of time, fast-forwarding through those commercials. Yes, I know that's how they make their money, but most run the same commercials over and over and over again. I'll stop and listen to new ones in the interest of fairness. Yes, I actually do that. But I fast-forward through the ones I've heard 100 or more times.

When the iPhone is in standby, and a podcast runs commercials, I pick it up, double-tap the home button to bring up the iPod controls, and hold down the fast forward button.

That's where the bug comes in.

I notice in 3.0, the iPod countrols time out even when I'm holding down the fast-forward button. Yeah, it's a minor annoyance, but still, it worked in 2.2.1.

Anyone know how to submit a bug report to Apple, or do I hope they catch it themselves and fix it in 3.0.1 or whatever comes out next?

Want to Spit Coffee on your Monitor and Beat Your Head Against the Wall? Follow Casey Serin

I blogged about Casey Serin last year when he launched one of his comebacks. Now he’s back again. You can read my previous post or any of the 700+ articles at Caseypedia for most of the details rather than me creating a massive link-laden post.

In March of ’07, I read an article called “The World’s Most Hated Blogger”. It got me into a train wreck watching phase that I can’t break out of. Casey is about the weirdest Internet denizen I’ve ever seen. He’s alternately open and totally evasive at the same time. I can’t figure out if he’s lazy, stupid, manic depressive, bi-polar, NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), sociopathic, or just completely brainwashed by Real Estate Guru and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and motivational material. All I know is that waiting to see what he’ll do or say next for many becomes an obsession. I am no exception.

One commentor on his now-defuct “True Casey” blog (formerly at http://www.truecasey.com ) accused Casey of have a “cargo-cult” mentality over entreprenuership. He seems obsessed with being an Internet marketer, Real Estate Investor, and of course holder of “sweet passive income”, but like the cargo cults all he seems to do is shuffle papers around and talk.

If you’re looking for a source of free amusement, follow his new blog, Blogger Casey. Don’t try to offer him advice though, even if he asks. Casey never follows advice. It only gets you frustrated. It’s much more fun to watch other people get angry at Casey for not taking their advice, especially if that advice is tempered by decades in the industry or field from which he’s asking for advice.

Also, if you’re going to follow Casey, don’t correct any spelling thereby revealing yourself as a n00b. Some people have been following Casey since September of 2006 when his I Am Facing Foreclosure blog went live, and some of his famous misspellings have become legend and have entered into the lexicon of those who find themselves both frustrated and amused by Casey. Don’t correct words like “looser” and “advise” (especially when used in the context for which “advice” would be correct). Those who use them know what they’re doing.