Wow, a Samsung Epix Update! If Only I Hadn’t Switched to the iPhone…

If you're a Samsung Epix owner who can still tolerate the buggy and non-reliable behavior of the device, there is a new update available for it. You can learn details at My Samsung Epix, a great site. It looks like among the software fixes, the Epix will now notify you of new email when asleep (like it was supposed to, and like my iPhone does properly), it will sync Outlook notes (like it was supposed to), and the ascending ring is gone. Honestly, the ascending ring didn't bother me that much, but I guess a lot of users had problems with it.

If you're a Samsung Epix owner, follow the directions to call AT&T and ask for the update. Then be prepared to hard reset. I don't miss that at all. I could wipe my iPhone just for fun and restore it through the default iTunes to how it is now, unlike Windows Mobile which needs special 3rd party backup software. Seriously, after 6 years and 8 devices and I don't know how much money, I now hate Windows Mobile.

My Epix now sits in the kitchen drawer waiting for the next time my wife's BlackJack II craps out. She's on her third unit. Actually, that's my 3rd Epix. It's my wife's "Battle Spare" now.


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