Interesting: How to Handle the “Honey-do” List

I came across this post today in Google Reader about a creative way to handle the "Honey-do" list. I don't call it that. I think the "Honey-do List" sounds really stupid, and for some reason, if I find a word to sound stupid, it takes a lot of will to say it. My father-in-law wanted our kids to call him "pop-pop", which (no offense intended to anybody) makes me feel like a moron and at first I refused to say it. I referred to him as "Grandpa", which is how we did things in MY family. I am not from the New Jersey area and there are a few culture clashes between me and this place. Eventually I made a deal with my wife, and I force the childish "pop-pop" up my throat and through my mouth, even though I feel like an idiot, out of respect for him and as part of my deal with my wife. I think I've held up my end of the deal better than she has.

I call the "Honey-do List" the "Nag List". I don't mean to sound demeaning to my wife, but I'm an egghead and I hate "Honey-do" list. Maybe that's my secret: she doesn't add much to the Nag List because of what I call it. My wife had a creative way of handling the Nag List though. Last year, my desktop computer was dying and underpowered. She bought me a new computer at Sam's and told me I could have it when the list was completed. I finished most of it in a weekend, and had what I thought were really good reasons why I couldn't finish the last couple of things. I did a few extras to make up for it, and got my computer.


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