Happy Day After April Fool’s Day

It’s April 2nd. April Fools is over. I never really cared for April Fools jokes that involved things being done to me, although I do remember in grade school, we’d bring pieces of cloth to school, and whenever a teacher bent over, we’d take one out and rip it. The looks on teachers’ faces were priceless.

In a weird fluke of scheduling, my sister in law and I have birthdays that sandwich April Fool’s Day. Mine is March 31 and hers is Apr 2. Happy birthday, Faith. If either of us had been a day off…

I think my favorite April Fool’s joke was Gmail Autopilot. It has to be a joke. The link is still at the top of my gmail page, but since there’s no way to sign up, or no indication that it’s in labs, it has to be a joke. Also, Ramit Sethi rolled out “I Will Teach You To Be Frugal”. That was a good one.

Every single April Fool’s joke I fell for involved Windows Mobile, amazingly enough. I first fell for this one. I guess it’s because the joke sounds like something Microsoft would actually do.

What was your favorite April Fool’s joke?


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