Cool DARPA Project of the Day: Biodog

Check out this link. Watch the video. This thing is cool. It’s a robot with 4 legs that can run, climb steep terrain, and carry a heavy load. I assume it can do all three at once. The video shows it taking on a variety of obstacles, from a steep hill in the woods, to a swift kick in the sides, to a pile of cement blocks, to ice, to a snowdrift. It’s also featured carrying a 400 pound load, and running and jumping. It looks strangely life-like in many ways. The legs almost look like spider legs.

I’m not joking when I say I look forward to concepts like bio-horse and bio-camel. I think there is a lot that can be done with this.

I’m not entirely convinced that artificial intelligence will ever achieve any likeness to a human soul or spirit, but I do get excited by robots that perform valuable service roles. We only have one room in our downstairs with carpet, so a Roomba is out, but we have talked about getting a Scooba robot to keep the floors clean. Yes, I know it requires maintenance and service.

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