Mobile Blogging

I’ve been wanting to write blog posts on the move. TypePad does offer mobile blogging clients, but for some reason, the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry clients don’t work on my devices. The iPod Touch client works flawlessly, which only makes me want an iPhone more. I’ve been trying to talk my wife into letting me get one. I already used our upgrade, so I’d have to pay full price. Still, I wonder if it’s worth the trouble.
I’ve already determined that the Samsung Epix will be my last Windows Mobile device. I’m tired of the instability. I also don’t see much real progress for all the releases of the platform I’ve seen.
The iPhone 3.0 announcement pretty much pushed me over the top. Good bye, Windows Mobile team and your buttplug “hardware partners”. I’m jumping platform the next chance I get.
I have to reboot my Epix a minimun of 4 times a day. I might reboot my iPod Touch once every 2 months. The other day, I was on a 5 hour drive back from a business trip. When I got back to the office, I found my Epix locked up so hard the only way to get it back was to pull the battery. That happens 3 to 4 times a week. It’s not the Epix in particular, because I’ve had these problems on most of my Windows Mobile devices.
Although in general, Windows Mobile has more potential, I’m reaching the point where I want a device that I can use. That’s why I’m setting my sites on the iPhone.


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