Watch This Video: Small Business Defined

I’ve been on a kick the last few months to try to figure out how entrepreneurs think, in the hopes that I can be one. I have a decent job and for the most part I do enjoy it, but I also realize that it might not last forever. I’d like to find a way to generate additional income, not only to boost my family’s standard of living, but also to make up for the risk that I could lose my job, which thankfully isn’t that likely at present. Not that that can’t chance…

Orrin Woodward put a post on his blog that I finally got around to reading, and watching the video. It’s a short video, but I think it clearly defines how to succeed in small business. I’ve gone about repeating what I hear from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, though I haven’t found a way to implement it yet: Become obsessed with meeting people’s needs. This video explains a similar concept for a small business: solve problems. If you’re in small business, or are trying to get into it, read the post and watch this video. Take it to heart.

On a side note, I think I have discovered a problem that small businesses in my area (or in general) have, and I think I have identified a solution. Now to find a way to let them know…


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