Trevin Wax: How To Be A Reader When You Can’t Afford Books

Trevin Wax has an interesting blog post with tips on how to read a lot of books when you can’t spend a lot of money on them. If you’d like to read more but don’t want to spend the money on the books, check this out.

I set a goal to read 100 books this year. I’m not sure I’m going to make it. I’m working through a biography of Martin Luther right now that has me really bogged down. It’s fascinating, but it’s a deep read and requires a lot of attention to follow. I’m going very slowly.

I have been going to the library a lot more lately. It can be kind of exciting. I like to go through the shelves near the checkout line, because I can find some interesting books there. I also sometimes just walk through the non-fiction shelves. Last time I did that, I found more books than I could have read and I had to leave them behind. I saw one book about Stalin, one about the CIA, and plenty more.

Often, when I hear about a book that I should read, I check online to see if the library has it. I can reserve a book, and I’ll get an email when it’s ready to be picked up.

I have Kindle for iPhone installed on my iPod Touch. I’m not sure if I’ll use that or not.


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