Forbes: How To Make a Million Before You Graduate

This is an interesting article on about teenagers who founded businesses and made a lot of money. I’ve always been curious how entrepreneurs think. Personally, I dread the moment when I’ve gotten all I can from one job and since there’s no possibility of advancement, I have to find a new one. I really don’t like that moment. I’ve always wondered how some people can see opportunities all around them and go for it. Honestly, I don’t believe they’re much smarter or harder working than I am. I’m sure I have the intelligence and the work ethic to succeed at anything. What I don’t have is the mindset. I don’t currently have the capability to see opportunities.

Lately I’ve been trying to study the mindset. I’ve been trying to learn how entrepreneurs think so I can emulate their thinking. I’d love to set up a business, or a few systems that generate other income streams besides a job. I actually do have a few ideas, but I’m not quite sure how to get them off the ground.


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