Scheduling Contact Annoyances

While I’m on an annoyances kick this afternoon, I wanted to add one more. Today, I realized that my eyeglass prescription had changed. Because this is affecting my ability to read, I decided to see if I could move up my eye appointment. I logged onto my eye doctor’s website and found an earlier appointment that I could use. I got a confirmation message.

The next thing that happened is that I got an email from the website stating that I had an important message from my eye doctor. Obviously, the message couldn’t be contained in the email because that would be too efficient. I clicked on the link, to be taken to a page telling me that I rescheduled my appointment and should print that page for my records. Didn’t I already see that page when I rescheduled?

Don’t systems analysts think about these things when they design systems? I could see getting an email confirming my appointment reschedule, but an email that has me click on a link to get to a web page that tells me I rescheduled which I already knew is a little inefficient.


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