I Joined Shelfari

As much as I love books, I joined Shelfari today. I found it was very easy to search for and add books that I’ve read and owned. It also looks like I’ll be able to add tags, so I could possibly use Shelfari to maintain my reading lists. If you have any interest at all in the books that I have read, the books I will read, and the books that I have for some reason or other, my page is here.

I also installed the Shelfari module into my blog to show the books I’m currently reading right now. Some of them are books I’ve started somewhere in the past and put down but plan to finish eventually. It looks like I’ll have an easier time maintaining my current readings on Shelfari, so I might drop the “What I’m Reading” typelist.

My Shelfari account is linked to my Amazon Associates account, so if anything on my “bookshelf” interests you and you’d like to buy it, consider it a way of leaving a tip. I won’t bring that up again, at least not for a while. For now I’m writing mostly for fun and to hone my communication skills.

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