Have You Made Any Progress on your 2009 Goals Yet?

I’m not sure if I could say that I have, but I’ve tried to make a few changes. I haven’t set many hard goals yet. One goal that I have is to get my blog up to 1000 posts. I’m currently at 480, and this post will make 481, so I have 519 to go. I’m also hoping to start attracting more traffic and comments.

I decided to start doing something about my health. My wife and I reorganized our house recently, and put the treadmill in a better spot where we can actually use it. I’ve run on it for 5 out of the last 7 nights, and I’m about to run tonight. I decided this time I’m not going to set specific weight goals, but I’m going to set a goal to up my output and fine tune my intake and let my body adjust itself.

Financially, my wife wanted to not spend any money for the month of January. So far, that’s going very well. Obviously, we’re going to put gas in my car so I can get to work. We’re also spending $20 a week for fresh produce. When ShopRite has it’s annual “Can Can Sale”, my wife is going to stock us up but she’ll use a $100 AT&T rebate card from my Epix. As to the point to this, it’s to save us money to put toward bills. She got the idea from blogs that she reads. I figured it was worth a shot.

I have other areas of my life that I need to set goals in. I definitely need to set some social goals, like getting out to places where I can meet people like me. I have no idea where any of those places might be.

I decided that I need to set a goal to become a little more assertive, especially around my cubicle. I’ve complained before that I have the corner cubicle right outside the conference room. On Thursday, things almost reached a breaking point. I was on a teleconference, a meeting was going on in the conference room WITH THE DOOR OPEN, and people were stopping to talk right outside my cubicle. I could not hear anything going on during the telecon, even with my speaker at full volume. If I’d had to unmute to answer or ask a question, I doubt anybody on the telecon would have heard me through all of the background noise. Looking back, I should just start telling people to take it out in the hallway, but I don’t want to be “a dick”. Maybe it’s time to be one. Personally, I would like to have 5 minutes alone with the inventor of the cubicle and a baseball bat. I get so much more work done when I’m traveling and can work uninterrupted in a hotel room.

What about you? Have you set and started on any goals for 2009 yet?


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