Did Anything Interesting Come Out of MacWorld and CES This Year?

The past week two of the biggest tech tradeshows of the year went on, it at least from my perspective, both seemed like non-events. Did anything actually happen? Oh, Apple released iLife and iWork 09. OK, that was exciting. Oh, there’s a newer, more expensive MacBook Pro with a non-serviceable battery. Yawn. I’m not quite in the market for a $2800 computer right now, removable battery or not. I’d like a review unit though if Apple wants to send me one. Some tech journalists suspect that Apple has run out of steam. I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s plausible.

As for CES, about all I’ve heard is that nothing happened.

Obviously, with the economy supposedly on a downturn (you still can’t get a parking spot at the mall), I guess businesses will enter a period of spending less on trade shows. I’m sure they’ll be back though.


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