Communication: Getting to the Point

I've always been taught that in communication, getting the the point is always best. Different mediums do have slightly different requirements, but for the most part, effectively communicating to the reader or listener the point that you'd like to get across quickly is always best. Nobody likes a preacher or politician or salesman that rambles on and on and gets nowhere.

I've always wondered if certain industries have different standards. Like many people, I have joined a few organizations that represent causes that I believe in and feel strongly enough about to support, even if just by my membership dues. I've also ended up on the mailing lists of several ministries and organizations over the years for a variety of reasons. Some I believe bought my contact information, but others I deliberately signed up for because I was interested in information or a freebie.

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My Next Book Review: Max Lucado’s For the Tough Times

Since Thomas Nelson rolled out their Book Review Bloggers program, I've really come to enjoy reviewing books. So far I've reviewed three books for Thomas Nelson and a few on my own just because I read the books and thought others might benefit from them.

I've been waiting for several weeks for Thomas Nelson to offer new books for review, but so far they haven't. I finally decided to review Max Lucado's "For the Tough Times." No doubt, considering some of the changes the world is facing in the near and uncertain future, the subject matter of that book will be relevant to many.

I have the first two chapters in .pdf, and hopefully I'll have the book within a week. Hopefully I'll get the review done this month. I also requested Tim Feriss' "The Four Hour Work Week" from the library, and I hope to post a review of it as well. My wife is doing a "no spending" experiment for the month of January. Obviously, we'll pay our bills and put gas in my car, but she's going to try to get through the month without spending money. Maybe I should post about that too.