Lifehacker: Turn Your iPhone/iPod Touch into a Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is one cool device, but slightly out of my budget at present. I also have one too many gadgets. I’ve read that 3 is the magic number of gadgets that people are willing to carry before they stop buying new ones, and that’s right where I’m at:

  • A work-issued BlackBerry 7130e
  • My Samsung Epix
  • My 32GB 1st generation iPod Touch

I’ve been using MobiPocket on my Windows Mobile devices since Brad Isaac recommended it last year. It’s not bad, but reading a book on a 2.4 inch screen can be painful.

Enter Stanza, which you can download from the App Store. I’ll give it a shot. I’ve heard that eReader is turning the iPhone/iPod Touch into a popular ebook reader, but I haven’t done much with eReader yet. I have yet to find a painless way to turn my ebooks into .pdb format. I have better things to do than hack 300 pages into pseudo-html.

I just installed Stanza. I’ll play with it some, and maybe I’ll post later about it.


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