My 2009 Productivity/Tech Wishlist

Lifehacker released the wishlists of their contributors for productivity in 2009. Rather than post this in their ever-expanding comment section, I might as well post my ideas here. This is what I would like to see for productivity and general technology in 2009:

  • A production Samsung Epix driver for the Celio Redfly (I found a beta, but it still causes problems on my phone
  • A real smtp fix for Windows Mobile 6.1- the last one didn't fix the problem on my phone
  • Outlook task syncing on the iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Better conflict resolution in Windows Mobile Device Center- stop duplicating everything forcing me to spend hours manually deleting thousands of records
  • Gmail tasks in mobile view and on Google Calendar (this could superceed the Outlook task wish)
  • Since this is a wishlist, I'd love to see my company do a tech refresh on our BlackBerries. The 7130e is, well, old.

I'll probably come back and edit this later if I think of anything else. What would you like to see for productivity and technology in 2009?


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