This is Interesting: Navy Reading

I came across Navy Reading yesterday. I’ve been trying to compile a booklist of books that I need to read, but lately it’s getting out of hand. It includes classics, business, theology, philosophy, productivity, history, IT, and other subjects like foreign languages. It’s seriously getting out of hand, and is growing faster than I can ever hope to keep up. My list contains little fiction at this point, other than some classics. I always discover when I stop to read fiction that I’m missing part of my soul. There is something about well-written fiction that truly inspires the imagination. I always enjoy fiction that is written in a historical setting. A good author can use the fictional characters to show the history to readers. Also enjoyable are other possible outcomes if done right. Lately I’m working through Theodore Beale’s Summa Elvetica, a Lord of the Rings type fantasy book set in a Roman style Holy Roman Empire ruled by a church that is very similar to the Catholic one.

There is a banner on the wall at Joshua’s Karate studio that says “A Warrior is also a scholar.” I’ve also heard a cliché that says “Leaders are readers”. I believe it. There are many ways to learn and absorb knowledge, but among them reading is unique. Though I also partake heavily from educational type channels on the TV, and listen to podcasts, reading is an important part of my intellectual development.

I think that anyone compiling a personal or professional development reading list would do well to borrow from the Navy Reading list, whether you’re in the Navy or not.


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  1. For what it’s worth, I find these lists interesting as well… I’ve put a small web site so that folks can track their way through the reading lists. For example, here’s what I’ve read so far:
    I don’t know… for me it’s motivating to see the progress. And the books are quite enjoyable too. Some I had already read (Caine Mutiny, Cruel Sea) but others were completely new (Tin Can Sailor and many others). Good times all around.

  2. Tom, that’s an impressive list. I thought about putting together a page about the books I’ve read, as well as the books that are on my list. I read subjects all over the map, but I grew up in the military, served in the Navy, and have spent my professional career working around the Navy, so military topics always have a special place in my heart.
    I should probably make more of an effort to get my hands on 1776. I see it all over the place, but I haven’t read it yet. How did you like Master and Commander? I saw the movie, which was good, but I imagine the book must be a lot better. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. @eric, yup, I hear ya. I was in the Coast Guard for a few years, and it’s been fun to read a few books off the Coast Guard list and also off the other lists. I recently finished “Dereliction of Duty” by H. R. McMasters; there was a lot of stuff there about Vietnam that I never knew.
    My wife is a big David McCullough fan, so we’ve gotten ‘1776’ and ‘John Adams’ and a couple of others… some from the library, some we bought. Definitly good stuff. I enjoyed Master and Commander, although it’s been a while since I read it… probably worth a re-read.

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