Vox Day vs. Federal Express

Vox Day is a Worldnetdaily columnist, blogger, and author. He’s also highly insightful. He currently lives in Europe and recently had a battle of wits with Federal Express in America. At least, in this recount, Vox Day was armed with wits, but FedEx was armed with business processes and morons who follow them legalistically. Vox makes some statements about humanity which I’ve been hesitant to utter myself. You should read them. Were it not for my own battles with Comcast, Aetna, Lowe’s, and several doctor’s offices, I might write Vox’s recount off as the rantings of an elitist. I understand what he went through all too well, however. You can ready some of my stories (though not all, I don’t have enough time to dig them up) of horrendous customer service and STUPID, MINDLESS business policies below.

I definitely need a good cheering up now. Why do we worship business policies and processes in this country?


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