Children and Scripture Memorization

Starting this past September, we’ve been taking our boys to an AWANA program at the Berean Baptist Church in Magnolia, NJ. My wife grew up in AWANA and thought it would be good for the kids. As part of AWANA, they have to listen to a story and memorize a Bible verse every week. That’s been interesting at some points. The first several weeks, I had trouble finding time to work with them, but I’ve found that they do a better job if I (rather than my wife) work with them. I don’t know why this is, but it seems to work better.

The verses I can best describe as children’s adaptations from the King James. I was having trouble getting them to understand this week’s verse properly. The adaptation is from Luke 5:20 and goes “He said unto him, man, thy sins are forgiven.” Caleb kept saying “my sins are forgiven.” That’s not what the verse is saying. My wife told me that I can adapt it so they’ll understand it. I decided to give them the verse in context “Jesus said unto him, Man, your sins are forgiven.” They kept saying “ma’am” in that verse. I was looking for a quick way to explain it, and I tried a quick adaptation of the verse that is sure to draw the ire of their teachers: “Jesus said unto him, Dude, your sins are forgiven.” Unfortunately, that one took and I’ve been trying to break them of it since.


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