Can Somebody Help Me With a BlackBerry Question Please?

I thought I’d post this here on my own blog. I have a strange BlackBerry issue, but months of searching Google aren’t turning anything up related to my minor problem. I’ve searched several BlackBerry forums all to no avail. I finally decided to try to register on one, but then I realized I’m about freaking sick of having to register for a new forum every single time I turn around. I’m tired of having to keep track of hundreds of logins just because one site happened to have information I thought might be useful but wouldn’t let me see it until I “join our community!” I hate you forum owners. Blogs are so much better, except for the bloggers who insist that you register on their particular blog just to leave comments.

OK, the BlackBerry problem. My company issued me a Verizon BlackBerry 7130e. It’s an older model, and not too impressive but it will tether when I’m traveling (although it’s very slow) and it does a decent job of keeping me connected when I’m away from my desk. When I first got the BlackBerry, I was having a lot of problems with my iPaq 6945 and AT&T’s EDGE network, and I was eager to play around with a new platform so I added my gmail account to the BlackBerry. I took it off at one point, then added it back on, then took it off again while following instructions to get the IMAP working from gmail. I finally deleted the gmail account from the BlackBerry because I get a lot of html mail and the text-only interface of the BlackBerry was annoying. I also started using gmail’s mobile app.

However, for some reason, I keep getting tons and tons of RIM Network messages across my gmail account. Sometimes I’ll get a couple of hundred a day. I started marking them as spam, but they keep coming. The messages say that they communicate between RIM’s server and the BlackBerry, but I’ve long since taken that account off (through the Verizon utility on the BlackBerry) and I can’t figure out how to stop getting these. Like any good tech company these days, RIM has made sure that their website forces to to spend weeks sifting through supposedly helpful articles and FAQ, but none so far address my issue. RIM, like a good tech company, also doesn’t have an easily identifiable “Contact Us” link on their support page.

If anybody knows how to stop getting these RIM messages, please leave a comment. Thank you.


4 Responses

  1. I would hard reset the Blackberry and reconfigure it. It's possible that an old email account is bound to their servers but your device is still trying to receive messages from it.
    If the error still occurs, your company didn't properly delete the former users account. But hopefully, it will just work.

  2. Thanks, Brad. Sorry I haven't had a chance to reply yet. I'll have to figure out how to do a hard reset on the 7130. I'm an old pro at resetting Windows Mobile, but I haven't had to do my BlackBerry yet.

  3. No prob. Usually, you go into settings, advanced settings, then hit the blackberry or options button. There should be a factory reset option. Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Brad. I finally got a chance to do it, and the wipe fixed my problem. I started marking these RIM status messages as spam in Gmail, and I was getting about 1000 a day in my spam folder. Once I did the wipe, they stopped coming in.

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