One of Dave Ramsey’s Calls, and My Election Prediction

This was too good. Even if you don’t exactly see things this way (or Dave’s way) it’s still funny.

I have set a goal to make it through the night without hearing election coverage. I’ll find out in the morning. The Discovery Channel has a “Dirty Jobs Dirty Presidents” 3 hour marathon tonight. That should keep me busy until I fall asleep. I’m sure that no matter which of the two establishment party candidates wins, the sun will still rise in the morning, and traffic on 42 will be as bad as it normally is. My coffee maker will be waiting for me in my cubicle, and my stack of work will be right where I left it, and all the blog entries I’ve started and gone nowhere with will still be in the same state. That’s my election prediction. Now, for some Mike Rowe…


4 Responses

  1. I don’t know how you can stand not to watch. I know my watching won’t change the outcome, but I love it for the historical factor. Kudos to you for taking the night off from politics.
    Zack was watching dirty jobs, while Wesley and I watched the polls.

  2. Andrea, thanks for reading. I somehow made it all night without finding out. I even made it to work and ate breakfast, now I’m halfway through my first cup of coffee and perhaps it’s time to find out.
    In 2000, I was glued to the results. I stayed up until 3 AM refreshing the election map on WorldNetDaily. I flipped when Florida went white. I went to bed, got up at 6, refreshed the page, and saw the whole map had gone white. I think I let myself get too emotionally involved that time around.

  3. Fair enough. I assume you are pleased with the out come and not knowing until you’ve digested your breakfast?

  4. Not really. I wrote Ron Paul on the ballot. He didn’t have a chance of winning, but I wasn’t impressed with either of the two major parties or their candidates. I expressed my dissent in the only way I knew how, besides blogging.
    For the record, I would have been no happier had McCain won.
    How did the outcome meet your expectations?

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