First Impression of the Celio Redfly

I got my Celio Redfly today. My previous post was written from a standpoint of frustration, but I’ve found that I can use gmail’s web client to send mail, and Pocket Outlook to receive. So far I’m impressed with the Redfly. It’s not perfect, but it will definitely expand my BlackJack II’s capabilities. The keyboard is cramped, but is a little easier than typing on a thumbboard. I’m typing this blog entry in Typepad’s Windows Mobile client on my Redfly.

The picture is from my BlackJack’s camera. When connected to the Redfly, the phone’s screen blanks out. That is a good thing. The screen is one of the largest power drains on any smartphone, so even over BlueTooth my phone should last a long time. The Redfly promises 8 hours of battery life, and can charge your phone while you’re using it. In that case, I won’t to worrk about getting the extended battery for travel.

This post is more of an effort to see how quickly I can type on a 7″ keyboard. I’m getting better. All of the keys are where they belong, but due to the small size, I find I have to stretch to hit a few keys like backspace. If you have a compatible Windows Mobile smartphone, you might want to consider the Celio Redfly while it’s on sale for $199 through Oct 31. I have a meeting tomorrow, so we’ll see how well it does for taking notes. First Impression of the Celio Redfly


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