No Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Me

From the “Your Mobile World” eNewsletter:

Want to get the benefits of Windows Mobile 6.1? Check your mobile carrier’s Web site and find out if the update is available for your mobile phone. If it isn’t available yet, stay tuned because it will be soon!

How ‘bout you design a mobile operating system that isn’t bound by anal retentive mega telecoms like Verizon, so I can get the benefits of Windows Mobile 6.1 for a nominal fee rather than buying another $500 device and a two year contract?

I’m going to amend my statement from earlier, that got picked up by Real Dan Lyons, who gave me the largest traffic spike I’ve ever seen.

“Windows Mobile: the perfect blend of power, capability, instability, and boneheaded business policy decisions.”

“Windows Mobile: enriching the megalithic corporations, frustrating the paying customers.”

To be at least a little fair, now that I think about it, I bought my phone unlocked directly from HP, so it’s not entirely AT&T’s fault that an update won’t be released for it. It’s HP’s, which is still a monolithic mega corporation.


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