Real Dan Lyons: FT Declares Android Dead Before It Ships

I miss Fake Steve Jobs, but Dan Lyons has been on a roll lately. He may be an Apple fan, but he’s been commenting on a few issues, somehow outside of the Reality Distortion Field.

In this post, he links to a Financial Times story about Google’s Android. That’s the the part that inspired me to write this quick post. He comments:

See here. No killer app. No consumer focus. And it’s open source rather than having a vertical stack like BlackBerry and iPhone. In other words, it’s the desktop Linux of mobile phones — a solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist. Or, to put it another way, Android was indeed created to help solve a problem, but it’s not a problem that customers have, it’s a problem that Google has. Same for Chrome, when you think about it. Google is all about solving the world’s most difficult problems — specifically, those problems that prevent Google from owning every last piece of the world.

That explains why I haven’t been able to get excited about Android but couldn’t put into words: it’s a solution to a problem that I don’t have.

Speaking of problems that I do have, while in a meeting yesterday, I coined a great phrase describing Windows Mobile: “The perfect blend of power, capability, and instability.”


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