Train Stops, Driver Gets Cheesesteak

 20080818 017

Joshua and I saw something unusual yesterday (at least around here.) We live very close to train tracks that are often traveled by freight trains. One time we saw the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus train pass by our house, but that was unordinary. I barely notice the trains anymore having lived next to the tracks for so long, and in fact I didn’t even notice them at all until we had children and our house was filled with Thomas and his friends.

Yesterday I was working in the front yard. Caleb was taking a nap and Christina and Joshua were standing on the porch watching me when we heard a train coming by. We heard the train slowing down and then it stopped. It’s not normal for trains to stop there, so I wondered if something was wrong. I decided that maybe it was a good time for Joshua to take a walk with me, so we walked down to the corner and along the train tracks. As we came even with the first of the two engines, we saw someone climb down the ladder and start walking across the street. At first, I wondered if something was wrong, but the drivers would probably have a radio. All I could figure is that he was going to Ron’s across the street to get something to eat. There was still another person in the cab. I talked with a woman walking her dogs, who came to the same conclusion that I did: the train stopped for cheesesteaks. Sure enough, as Joshua and I stood there talking about the train, we saw the same guy come out with a cheesesteak shaped item in foil. It could have been a hoagie or a meatball sandwich, but I like cheesesteaks better. Then he turned the crossing alarm back on (I didn’t know they could enable and disable them from the train) and started moving back along as soon as the traffic was stopped.

I took this picture on the right to show how close Ron’s is to the railroad tracks. I’m sure the drivers know how convenient it is and I had no idea that the could stop and get food. I 20080818 021think that’s good for them.

We saw the same two engines coming back a little while later, without the freight cars. They didn’t seem to be hungry this time around.

I’m honestly not complaining about this. I think it’s great that a train can stop for food. I’m not sure how many places are convenient for a train to stop like that. I guess if I drove a train, it would be nice to stop for lunch once in a while.


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