We Got A Puppy

I didn’t see it happening this fast. We got rid of my last dog not that long ago. It was a long story. He was very strong willed, and my wife never liked him that much. I couldn’t seem to train him not to take food off the table, then he started taking food off the counter and stove. He started snapping at the kids, then bit me. It was time to go after that. I figured I didn’t want any more dogs or cats until the kids were old enough to handle housebreaking and litterboxes and stuff. Basically, when all I had to do with a pet was sit and watch TV with it.

We found out about a new petstore called "The Puppy Palace." My wife must have been in a good mood. We went there, and looked at some puppies. We narrowed our selection down to a "Schnoodle" (cross between Schnauzer and Poodle) and a Lhasa-Apso. The Lhasa-Apso seemed to have more fun running back and forth with the kids, and she looked like a dustmop bouncing around the store. And so, we brought Dustmop home with us. Seriously, that’s what we’re calling her for now.


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